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As a family our goal is to raise, breed and show top quality Appaloosa and Quarter Horses. We all enjoy  the outdoors,  riding and working with all of our horses and our dogs as well. We raise Border Collies and Pomeranians as well as you will see in our website.
Group Lessons

Group Lessons

We can make sure that you have the right support of your friends.
Private Lessons

Private Lessons

Want all the attention to be on you, we can make that happen.
Special Courses

Special Courses

We can also help you by providing special course which will help ensure you have the right training.

Our Story

We are very enthusiastic individual who are trying to making sure that you have the right people to help you train you in the art of making sure that you know the right way to raise and breed you horses.


Our Mares

They say you should start as close to where you want to finish as possible….That’s why we have worked so hard to put together a terrific broodmare band.   Along with our main stallion, our mares and offspring are really starting to prove themselves.

Skip Zan Badlands(Irish)

A Royal breed which can make anyone feel above the world.

Oakanita Lena (Ena)

The pure breed which can make your farm work look easy.

Classic Red Emmie (Emmi)

A classic horse which can make sure that you start on the right hoof.

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  • Arashiyama Bamboo Groove

    The word of Arashiyama is green and peaceful. The bamboo grove is open for a whole 24 hours and boasts no admission fee. The best weather to visit the bamboo grooves is when it is a little windy because the tall bamboo stalks look extra dreamy and ethereal when rocking gently back and forth. It is best to visit before sunrise if you wish to avoid the crowd. The whole groove is two separate bamboo grooves, both of which sandwiched between the Tenryu-Ji Temple grounds and the JR Sagano-Saiin line train tracks. While on the southern edge of the western section of the groove, you'll be able to enjoy the beautiful gardens and halls of the Tenryu-Ji Temple, one of Kyoto's most glorious Buddhist temples. In the middle of the eastern section, you'll see the Nonomiya Shrine, a famous Shinto shrine. To best enjoy the beauty of Arashiyama, go off the beaten road and explore the trails that go into the mountains. Some of the sights not to miss while there include Kameyama Park, Okochi-Sanso Villa, Nison-in Temple, Gio-Ji Temple and Otagi Nenbutsu-Ji.

    Kyoto National Museum

    As one of Japan's oldest and most distinguished museums, the Kyoto National Museum's permanent collection consists of a variety of cultural properties in archaeological relics, sculptures, calligraphy, costumes, ceramics and paintings. All the great names in Japanese art, from Jakuchu to Hiroshige, eventually make their way here. The museum also stages regular special exhibitions where you will get to view all of it and more displayed to brilliant effect. Various historical stone exhibits fill its gardens. The East Garden has sculptures brought in from Korea, and there is a traditional Japanese tea house - Tan'an. The West Garden has ancient stone Buddhas, foundation stones and bridge posts to show. When visiting, remember that Kyoto is a city of art lovers and if there is a big show going on, avoid the opening days and weekends to avoid the crowd.

    Nijo Castle (Nijojo)

    Built in the year 1603 as the Kyoto residence of Tokugawa Ieyasu, the first shogun of the Edo Period, it is now opened up to the public as a historic site. You can divide it broadly into three areas: the main circle of defence – the Honmaru, the secondary circle of defence – the Ninomaru and some gardens that encircle both. During his visits to Kyoto, the shogun resided in the Ninomaru Palace. They are connected using corridors and the flooring, known as "nightingale floors" were specifically designed to squeak when walked over. This feature would alert the residents to any intruders. Outside of this palace extends the Ninomaru Garden with a beautiful landscape of a large pond, manicured pine trees and ornamental stones. The Honmaru Palace is not open to visitors regularly. Still, you may walk around its gardens and climb up the stone foundation of the former castle keep looking over the castle grounds. Cherry trees of numerous varieties cover the castle grounds including those that bloom late in a cherry orchard. There is also a plum orchard featured within the grounds.

  • Eating near a major tourist site:

    Many make the mistake of choosing to eat near the tourist site they're visiting because it seems more natural. But being located near a major tourist site means the prices here are doubled and half the flavour of local restaurants. When their inflow is tourists who will never likely be coming back, they don't worry about consistent quality.

    Booking flights too close to each other:

    Account for possible delay of flights. You'll need to keep in mind the time it will take to reach the next terminal as well. Some airports can make you go through security to get from one flight to another. Long custom lines can further eat up your time.

    Forgetting to back up photos:

    Seeing that travelling involves moving from place to place, hotel room to hotel room, it is not uncommon that you lose a few belongings along the way. Losing your camera can be devastating, so get in the habit of backing your photos up every day in a hard drive and keeping it back in your luggage after you're done.

    Not grabbing some local currency for immediate use:

    You will need to have some cash on hand for moving from one place to another and for possible unexpected purchases you'll need on the go. Don't try to exchange money at the kiosks you find in the airport because the rates and fees there are the worst. Opt for an ATM nearby.

    Not having a backup plan when there are cancellations on transport:

    It's not safe to assume that every area will have a convenient transportation service, and even when you book in advance, there could be cancellations that can derail your travel experience. Always have a backup plan in place. Keep track of all possible modes of transportations so you can switch to one of them.

    Only Doing the Touristy Things:

    If you focus only on the tourist spots, you might miss out on the local culture of the place you're visiting. Keep sure to check out the local markets and don't be afraid to ask what the locals like to do for fun.

    Using the Wrong Credit Card:

    Travelling means looking at every little detail before you take off on your trip. Your credit card is no exception. Avoid being hit with transaction fees every time you use your credit card for a foreign purchase. Look at all your credit card options because there are cards with no such fees and has a ton of travel perks. Barclay's Aviator MasterCard and Chase Sapphire are some of the choices you can try out.

    Not packing a travel adapter:

    There are fifteen different types of plugs all over the world which means if you don't have an adapter, you won't be able to properly charge any of your devices if the plugs at your travel destinations are different from your home country. Plugging directly into the USB port isn't of much help because it will only charge at snail's pace. Check out the Ceptics World Travel Adapter Kit to add to your travel inventory.

  • Alasan Banyak Orang Suka Taruhan di Kasino Online   Perjudian merupakan aktivitas yang telah hadir sejak lama. Dengan begitu, pusat perjudian kasino pun terus bermunculan karena ada banyak sekali penggemar di seluruh dunia, bahkan mendatangkan inovasi permainan baru sehingga para pemain bisa memilih preferensi yang...

  • Gambling can be all fun and games until you find yourself stuck is a swamp of debt and an addiction which is difficult to come out of. Gambling addiction is an illness without any symptoms, and one can only tell once he or she has done enough mistakes to regret it. There are generally four phases of gambling addiction. The phases are not invited by they welcome themselves when you are enjoying. Before we explain the phases of gambling, you must know that gambling addiction is similar to professional gambling, the only difference being the poor decision making and not knowing when to stop.  

    Stage 1 – Winning

      As it says, the first phase is always warm and exciting. You will love winning big amounts of money which will lead to excitement and a bright side of gambling. You will feel like all your hours spent on working in the office has been a complete waste when you can make easy money playing games, and that is the very start of your problem. When people start believing that they have a special talent to win in gambling and no one can stop them from winning it all. When you start feeling too lucky and start putting in more money, you have already fallen into the trap of gambling.  

    Stage 2 – Losing

      The winter comes right after the summer fun, and one big lose and bring you back to where you started and sometimes even lower than that. But all the fun that you had in winning the money will not stop you from believing that you will win one more game. You will feel that the next game that you will play will bring you back in the profits again. For this very hope, you can start gambling alone, borrow money from others, lose interest in your work, spend time away from family and friends, and eventually land yourself into a huge debt.    

    Stage 3 – Desperation

      When you start chasing the losses, you will lose control over your decision making. At this point, the only strategy you will have is to gain your money back by putting in more money. Although you will be guilty for losing so much of money, you belive that you cannot stop now. Otherwise, you will not be able to pay back your desposit. You may end up losing your job due to sleepless nights and missing the work. You may also lose support from your family and get sued by other people for not returning their money.  

    Stage 4 – Hopeless

      In the hopeless phase, you will find yourself at the rock bottom, and there is no possible way to undo the mess you have created. You have lost all hopes and do not believe in getting help from anyone. You will feel the guilt of not stopping earlier. You will also lose all hopes on living with all the burden of debt and will abuse your self with drugs and alchohol to ease the pain a little bit. Many problem gamblers attempt to commit suicide to escape.  
    On the other side, the professional gamblers know when to stop playing whether they are winning or losing and do a proper research before playing any match which gives them full control over their gambling and not make them an addict.

  • “The house never loses.” The above is a famous proverb that has become increasingly prevalent since the rise of gambling as a commercialised form of legal entertainment. The millennium-old-urge to bet on things has culminated into a full-fledged blooming worldwide business attracting people of all age groups above eighteen with a little extra to spend in their pocket. With the advent of modern technology and round-the-clock connectivity, this habit of gambling has reached homes and offices, and places that it could never go before, increasing its audience. Let us look at its repercussions today.   How it all began   Since the beginning of the most diminutive form of barter in the stone-age men, betting their precious goods in the favour of a competition or particular odds was practiced frequently. As economy, currency and trade grew more complex with the diversification and commercialization of human civilization, so did the gambling business. Now, this gambling addiction became so virulent in the developed nations that it began to be adapted as a business. Casinos and local gambling places began to be opened everywhere, with little businesses converting themselves into complete casinos or merging with the already-existing previous ones. As the name and fame of this money-squandering practice grew, one thing became clear: The house always wins. This proverb meant that the organisation or institute that hosted the gambling menageries made sure that when the patrons bet against the dealer, the overall profit or loss that all of the bets on the premises made, always resulted in a win for the house. This way, an illusion was created that you were winning, but counting the overall transactions, the house made a profit.     Rise of gambling of the web   Online Gambling began to take its present form around the mid-2000s. As the web began to become a platform to connect like-minded people, more people interested in real-world gambling began to be attracted towards its virtual alternative. Communities of gamblers and professional players began to test out their luck on technology. The new platform gave them the benefit of anonymity, leading to the rapid growth of this sector. Staying anonymous made more people comfortable with the idea of gambling, and invited their peers to join in as well. With more complex features like:

    • Online dealing
    • Anonymous texting with co-participants
    • No chance of human error
    • Easy liquidation of wins
    Features like these became the unique-selling proposition of Online Gambling, resulting in its success.  
    How it becomes an addiction   Our brain has a pleasure centre in our dorsal ganglia which receives a ping of good-feel every time we succeed. It secretes a chemical called Dopamine, which is our pleasure chemical, secreted every time we win something. Winning at Online Gambling is another such reason. When we begin to win, it takes no time to become a habit to be practised daily, and when it is practised daily, it takes no time to become an addiction. Before we know it, we begin spending all of our money on this habit. So to keep this in check is absolutely imperative.

  • The biggest question that people ask the moment they visit a casino is whether or not they can get a free drink. This statement does not have a definite answer, as it depends on a couple of circumstances. The system does not guarantee free beverages, but there are ways to get them at a cheaper rate and eventually avail one or two for free. So if you were hoping to get a free drink, then you need not destroy your expectations because here are some ways to reduce the cost.  


      There is no hard and fast rule that you must drink only at the casino while playing some classic casino games. You can also order them to your hotel room if you are staying at the casino. Getting them to your room brings done the price, and it is much cheaper when compared to the usual process. So, you can get them from a grocery or another store and turn up on time for the whole party.  

    The Method of Tipping

      Tipping is an activity that benefits two sides, and you need to look into that on a serious note. Throwing in a few extra bucks will go a long way in getting some drinks for cheap or even free of cost. By doing so, a waiter or waitress might get you a drink and a shot at the same time. But you also need to finish the shot at once to make it seem like you had one drink at a time. You need to follow this particular rule because casinos in Vegas are only allowed to serve you one drink at a time. Hence, cultivate the habit of tipping if you haven't already.  

    Full Tables

      A lot of benefits come from playing at full tables like lower cost on your drinks. By sitting at a full table, you will have a bunch of other players, and you will have to wait on. So, you will be hitting the right chords for cheap, and the night might turn out to be a memorable one. Hence, either call all your friends or start looking for a table that has a lot of people.    

    The Classic Slot Machine

      Slot machines are another way through which you can get drinks, and that is one aspect that you should never forget. All you need to do is to play the game at a slower pace and wait for the waiter or waitress to show up. But before you tend to follow this act, you must also remember that casinos are aware of this particular habit. Hence, always go ahead with caution.

  • Professional gamblers can be the most mysterious and calm people in the world. It is their decision making and patience, which makes them beat others everytime in a game of chances. They can make people put more money while winning and can also bluff the winning players to swipe the money from under their noses. But how to they do it? It is an art which can take years to master even if you learn it in a day. Here are the advices given by the gambling professionals, which can help you level up your game.  

    Nerves of Steel

      Poker games possibly have the most difficult scenarios in any sport, and it takes guts to sit calm and composed among the other poker legends and make right decisions every round. It is a place where all the mind games take place, and one can only handle the pressure if they are strong enough. To become a professional poker player, you will need the nerves to resist the inviting mistakes and also understand that you can easily play out even the most professional gambler.  

    Sleep off a loss

      The wisest choice that you can make after facing a huge loss is to go back to your home and sleep it off. A weak and unprofessional gambler usually end up getting drunk or keep playing and losing until the very last chip. Losses the meant to be accepted and not chased. When you are done with your threshold loss, you can leave the table and come back the next day to start again.    

    Do no panic

      The common mistake that new players do and what professional players make new players to do is inviting the panic. Gambling gurus can easily manipulate you to tilt every round and keep you under a state of panic and nervousness. You need to learn to cut off their control over you and keep your head clean. Do not make the common mistakes of getting too deep into debt, betting more that you should, or lacking the confidence and making right decisions. If you feel too much trapped in the games of other players, get up and come back after clearing your head.    

    Make Notes

      The very important part of becoming a professional gambler is to understand other gamblers. While you are playing with other pros, make sure to observe their game style. You can learn a lot about them just by playing a few games with them, but you will need to remember it as all the gamblers play the same way and yet so differently from each other. If you sit on the table and make notes while playing, no one is going to come and eat you. This is your learning period, and only the real professional players will appreciate that you are serious about it. Study the game and do your research on the hands as well as other players. The more you know, the more chances will open for you to win the table.

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