8 Common Travel Mistakes to Avoid

8 Common Travel Mistakes to Avoid

Eating near a major tourist site:

Many make the mistake of choosing to eat near the tourist site they’re visiting because it seems more natural. But being located near a major tourist site means the prices here are doubled and half the flavour of local restaurants. When their inflow is tourists who will never likely be coming back, they don’t worry about consistent quality.

Booking flights too close to each other:

Account for possible delay of flights. You’ll need to keep in mind the time it will take to reach the next terminal as well. Some airports can make you go through security to get from one flight to another. Long custom lines can further eat up your time.


Forgetting to back up photos:

Seeing that travelling involves moving from place to place, hotel room to hotel room, it is not uncommon that you lose a few belongings along the way. Losing your camera can be devastating, so get in the habit of backing your photos up every day in a hard drive and keeping it back in your luggage after you’re done.

Not grabbing some local currency for immediate use:

You will need to have some cash on hand for moving from one place to another and for possible unexpected purchases you’ll need on the go. Don’t try to exchange money at the kiosks you find in the airport because the rates and fees there are the worst. Opt for an ATM nearby.

Not having a backup plan when there are cancellations on transport:

It’s not safe to assume that every area will have a convenient transportation service, and even when you book in advance, there could be cancellations that can derail your travel experience. Always have a backup plan in place. Keep track of all possible modes of transportations so you can switch to one of them.

Only Doing the Touristy Things:

If you focus only on the tourist spots, you might miss out on the local culture of the place you’re visiting. Keep sure to check out the local markets and don’t be afraid to ask what the locals like to do for fun.

Using the Wrong Credit Card:

Travelling means looking at every little detail before you take off on your trip. Your credit card is no exception. Avoid being hit with transaction fees every time you use your credit card for a foreign purchase. Look at all your credit card options because there are cards with no such fees and has a ton of travel perks. Barclay’s Aviator MasterCard and Chase Sapphire are some of the choices you can try out.

Not packing a travel adapter:

There are fifteen different types of plugs all over the world which means if you don’t have an adapter, you won’t be able to properly charge any of your devices if the plugs at your travel destinations are different from your home country. Plugging directly into the USB port isn’t of much help because it will only charge at snail’s pace. Check out the Ceptics World Travel Adapter Kit to add to your travel inventory.

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