Exotic Animals


Along our journey with the farm life we have purchased some very odd and unusual pets, basically forming our own petting zoo. They include a miniature jenny donkey named Sugar. Sugar was in foal when we got her and gave us a pretty little jenny named Spice, thus starting our miniature donkey brood jenny herd.

We then purchased a stud miniature donkey which we named Eeor. In 2004 Sugar & Spice will be due to foal and, believe it or not, Eeor also bred two outside Jennies.

We also have 4 Llamas, 3 females named Christal, Dolli Llama and Toni Llama. Then there’s a male called Pacha. If everything went right Dolli and Toni will be due this summer.

Now, of course, what would our farm be without a fine selection of goats. We have miniatures and the amazing breed of fainting goats … yes, that’s right …fainting goats. We have had a lot of laughs watching these goats who, when
excited, literally faint. In 2004 we will be expecting various young ones.

Also during the summer you will see numerous Bantam chickens, Ducks and Geese wandering around. Dawn says this year she also wants Swans for the duck pond. Oh, and I better not forget our two lovely Potbelly Pigs who wander all around just like the dogs. In fact, when we go out to do chores they are the first ones to greet us.