Four Stages of Gambling Addiction

Stages of Addiction

Four Stages of Gambling Addiction

Gambling can be all fun and Game online Slot until you find yourself stuck is a swamp of debt and an addiction which is difficult to come out of. Gambling addiction is an illness without any symptoms, and one can only tell once he or she has done enough mistakes to regret it. There are generally four phases of gambling addiction. The phases are not invited by they welcome themselves when you are enjoying. Before we explain the phases of gambling, you must know that gambling addiction is similar to professional gambling, the only difference being the poor decision making and not knowing when to stop.


Stage 1 – Winning


As it says, the first phase is always warm and exciting. You will love winning big amounts of money which will lead to excitement and a bright side of gambling. You will feel like all your hours spent on working in the office has been a complete waste when you can make easy money playing games, and that is the very start of your problem. When people start believing that they have a special talent to win in gambling and no one can stop them from winning it all. When you start feeling too lucky and start putting in more money, you have already fallen into the trap of gambling.


Stage 2 – Losing


The winter comes right after the summer fun, and one big lose and bring you back to where you started and sometimes even lower than that. But all the fun that you had in winning the money will not stop you from believing that you will win one more game. You will feel that the next game that you will play will bring you back in the profits again. For this very hope, you can start gambling alone, borrow money from others, lose interest in your work, spend time away from family and friends, and eventually land yourself into a huge debt.



Stage 3 – Desperation


When you start chasing the losses, you will lose control over your decision making. At this point, the only strategy you will have is to gain your money back by putting in more money. Although you will be guilty for losing so much of money, you belive that you cannot stop now. Otherwise, you will not be able to pay back your desposit. You may end up losing your job due to sleepless nights and missing the work. You may also lose support from your family and get sued by other people for not returning their money.


Stage 4 – Hopeless


In the hopeless phase, you will find yourself at the rock bottom, and there is no possible way to undo the mess you have created. You have lost all hopes and do not believe in getting help from anyone. You will feel the guilt of not stopping earlier. You will also lose all hopes on living with all the burden of debt and will abuse your self with drugs and alchohol to ease the pain a little bit. Many problem gamblers attempt to commit suicide to escape.


On the other side, the professional gamblers know when to stop playing whether they are winning or losing and do a proper research before playing any match which gives them full control over their gambling and not make them an addict.

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