How Online Gambling Makes You Addicted


How Online Gambling Makes You Addicted

“The house never loses.”

The above is a famous proverb that has become increasingly prevalent since the rise of mmc996 gambling as a commercialised form of legal entertainment. The millennium-old-urge to bet on things has culminated into a full-fledged blooming worldwide business attracting people of all age groups above eighteen with a little extra to spend in their pocket. With the advent of modern technology and round-the-clock connectivity, this habit of gambling has reached homes and offices, and places that it could never go before, increasing its audience. Let us look at its repercussions today.


How it all began


Since the beginning of the most diminutive form of barter in the stone-age men, betting their precious goods in the favour of a competition or particular odds was practiced frequently. As economy, currency and trade grew more complex with the diversification and commercialization of human civilization, so did the live casino Malaysia gambling business. Now, this gambling addiction became so virulent in the developed nations that it began to be adapted as a business. Casinos and local gambling places began to be opened everywhere, with little businesses converting themselves into complete casinos or merging with the already-existing previous ones. As the name and fame of this money-squandering practice grew, one thing became clear: The house always wins. This proverb meant that the organisation or institute that hosted the gambling menageries made sure that when the patrons bet against the dealer, the overall profit or loss that all of the bets on the premises made, always resulted in a win for the house. This way, an illusion was created that you were winning, but counting the overall transactions, the house made a profit.



Rise of gambling of the web


Online Gambling began to take its present form around the mid-2000s. As the web began to become a platform to connect like-minded people, more people interested in real-world gambling began to be attracted towards its virtual alternative. Communities of gamblers and professional players began to test out their luck on technology. The new platform gave them the benefit of anonymity, leading to the rapid growth of this sector. Staying anonymous made more people comfortable with the idea of gambling, and invited their peers to join in as well.

With more complex features like:

  • Online dealing
  • Anonymous texting with co-participants
  • No chance of human error
  • Easy liquidation of wins

Features like these became the unique-selling proposition of Online Gambling, resulting in its success.


How it becomes an addiction


Our brain has a pleasure centre in our dorsal ganglia which receives a ping of good-feel every time we succeed. It secretes a chemical called Dopamine, which is our pleasure chemical, secreted every time we win something. Winning at Online Gambling is another such reason. When we begin to win, it takes no time to become a habit to be practised daily, and when it is practised daily, it takes no time to become an addiction. Before we know it, we begin spending all of our money on this habit. So to keep this in check is absolutely imperative.

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